Access Hollywood

“Can you teach me how to Moonwalk?”  That’s right.  I said it.  And to the King himself.  Michael Jackson.  Here’s a fun clip running on Access Hollywood:


Going to Sundance this year to have some fun and drink some bloody mary’s by the fireplace @ my favorite No Name Saloon.  Oh yeah, and watch some films too!  =)

Wonder Woman

Twas so fun being Wonder Woman for ‘Grayson’. Great team of guys making the film too.
Love you guys, love your work.  =)

World Record

While hosting ATHENS ON LOCATION (it won a Reggie Award btw!) for Sprint/NBC in Athens, Greece during the Olympics – 21 people fit into ONE Mini-Cooper.  ha!  And we filmed it. Really fun to watch them set a world record!

I-5 Gallery

I-5 Gallery is showing two of my pieces. ‘Love is a gift’ and ‘consumer nonsense’. I snuck in one day and listened to what people had to say about my art – without them knowing it was me who made it of course! Very interesting day. =)


Open Stage West is home to Ivan Borodin’s new play, Life Support.. A talented cast brings this play to life with Kate Clarke taking on two roles.  For the first two weeks she portrays the bubbly mistress and for the rest of the performances, she is the serious, deeply religious, loving wife…

Hosting in Greece

Hosting ‘Athens On Location’ in Athens, Greece for NBC and Sprint.  Wow, what a great gig!  Having so much fun traveling to the islands and meeting all the locals.  Love the food here too and the history… amazing… amazing to be standing in a building that was built in 400 B.C.

Screenplay Won

So… ‘Carney’ placed in the top 5 in Variety’s Jury of Peers Screenplay competition!  Check out me and the other winners in Variety.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get this screenplay in to production.


I worked on Madonna’s American Life video – directed by Jonas Ackerlund – which was banned from MTV for it’s controversial violence and message.  I think there was some sort of genius behind it. Like when Madonna throws a grenade and “George Bush” catches it  and uses it to light his cigar.

I can’t find a copy of it online, but I have a copy of it.  Just not a very good one, so the pics are quite grainy.  (I’m in the pink!)

Kevin Bacon

Did you know that Kevin and his brother are in a band?  I didn’t until I went to see them play at a charity event in Hollywood.  They are actually good.  And it just proves once again that every actor wants to be a rock star.  Including me.

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