Really sweet host interviewed me for LTNLA – airing soon.   The crew was great – a fun afternoon in Hollywood.  They did however, make me stand next to this Angie cut-out.
Hey, I’m a good sport.  I did it.

“Tonight on ROUGH CUT, a kick-ass lineup.  Kris chats up the stunning Kate Clarke,
aka Angelina Jolie’s body double, and briefly experiences what it must be like to be
Brad Pitt.  Kate has her own career, but standing in for Angelina Jolie has given her
some extra visibility.”

Paw’d Squad

This group of people are one of many that help rescue dogs and cats.  Paw’d Squad is a good name – I like it.  We had a fundraiser at our loft at The Brewery for them with music and drinks – fun night and we raised tons of cash to help their efforts even more!   Meow.

Jimmy Kimmel

I play a FBI Agent for a Jimmy Kimmel bit.  Did anyone see it?  I missed it.

Playground Girls @ MOCA

We know you know Basquiat’s art, but have you seen Basquiat’s film?  Not the one with David Bowie as Andy Warhol (awesome!), but ‘Downtown 81’ starring the REAL Basquiat himself.  Well, the tone of that movie is similar to the film I star in ‘Playground Girls’ which will fittingly be screening at MOCA during the Basquiat exhibit.  Rock on, Basquiat.


The Insider and ET caught on that I worked as Angie’s double.  Oh boy.  At least my segment ran in the same episode as Lynda Carter and Elvis.  That, I like.  =)  The following quote is hilarious:

“When one’s physical attributes are likened to those of stunner Angelina Jolie, many would agree that such a comparison is the highest form of flattery.  And in the case of actress Kate Clarke, good looks of that caliber can land you a gig as the Oscar winner’s body double opposite Brad Pitt in the box office hit MR. AND MRS. SMITH!”CBS THE INSIDER / ET

Seymour Cassel

Filming with Academy Award Nominee Seymour Cassel for Main Street.  We had so much fun!

Ben Kingsley

@ Cinequest Film Fest where my film Grace is screening… and guess who I run into at the bar?  Sir Ben Kingsley himself.  He is the recipient of this years Maverick Spirit Award.  Go Kingsley!


Grace will have it’s world premiere at Cinequest this year.  Come one, come all!

Miss Cast Away

Kate co-stars with Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts in MISS CAST AWAY
“A frantic, satiric comedy.” – New York Times

Steve Buscemi

Was in Park City for Sundance and Steve Buscemi was also there screening his Lonesome Jim. What a cool guy.  And what a great film!  Casey Affleck and Liv Tyler – and a few scenes with Seymour Cassel (yay!).  The acting and writing is superb and Steve Buscemi sure knows how to direct.  Bravo.

Producer Saxon Eldridge, Kate Clarke, Steve Buscemi @ Sundance

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