So there’s this little write-up including me at #3 on  It’s funny that they spelled my name right in the headline, and then immediately spelled it wrong in the content.  Oh that poor little “e” on Clarke gets left out so often.

Kate Clarke ::

Kate Clark takes the stereotype of the ditzy, untalented Hollywood bimbo and turns it on its prejudiced ear. She’s appeared as a body double to some of the most beautiful women in the world, but is also a successful artist, published poet and accomplished screenwriter. And if that weren’t enough: Vanity Fair magazine suggested this vixen has one of L.A.’s best bodies.

Body double take: If the producers of a film starring arguably the most beautiful woman in the world — read, Angelina Jolie — pick you to be her body double, does that make you No. 2? Kate has doubled for Mrs. Pitt in Mr & Mrs Smith as well as subbing in for Kate Beckinsale in the under-appreciated Vacancy.


@ E! News for an interview. (more…)


If you’re a fan of the Airplane movies – then Miss Cast Away is sure to hit your funny bone – just the way you like it!  I play Miss Iowa – fitting, since I’m from Minnesota.  I even get to kiss Eric Roberts.  Yahyoubetchya.  Pick up a copy or rent it from Blockbuster.  Dontchyaknow.   =)

The Emmy’s

The Emmy’s in NY were fun and yes I did hit Elaine’s and PJ Clarke’s while I was there.  Met Meredith Vieira – what a doll.

Emmy Nominated

Hey Sophie Chase is nominated for an Emmy!  Headed to New York for the ceremony and yup, some good ‘ol partyin’ will ensue.  Must hit my two faves while I’m there – Elaine’s and PJ Clarke’s.

Vanity Fair

Photo shoot for Vanity Fair with Tom Ford – here’s the final product.

Mo-TV Audience Award

Sophie Chase (in which I play Sophie Chase) just won the Napte Mobile Mo-TV Audience Award in Las Vegas!  Read more about the great news on Variety, Business Wire and CNN.

Viva Las Vegas.


Before taking on the role of Gabby in Grace – I met with a Doctor who specializes in, and patients who suffer from, ALS.  Denise Glass is an amazing woman, suffering from ALS, who I learned a lot from and used for my role.  She is a strong and fearless woman.  Thank you Denise.

“Kate hits the nail on the head in portraying a person with ALS.”
– Denise Glass, ALS patient and Board Member

Me, Denise Glass, writer/producer Susan Campbell

Tom Ford

Vanity Fair Magazine photo shoot with Tom Ford guest editing for this Oscar issue.  He was really sweet – great guy!  Here’s a couple pics of behind the scenes from the shoot.

Playground Girls review

Here’s a copy of the write-up from Coagula after ‘Playground Girls’ screened at MOCA during the
Basquiat exhibit:

‘Playground Girls’ screening at MOCA with Basquiat Exhibit
by David Somner

As I sat in the theatre at MOCA awaiting ‘Playground Girls’ to begin, I realized how little we regard film as art.  How one’s weight of success is based solely on box office results.  Viewing ‘Playground Girls’ at MOCA reminded me to look at film as art.  To take in the images, absorb them and make them a part of my world with the screen being viewed as a large canvas.  A canvas with moving, transforming pictures.

The film fittingly screened along with the Basquiat Exhibit, at MOCA in downtown Los Angeles, who is not only known for his disjointed paintings but also for the company he kept with Andy Warhol seemingly his closest pal.  But Basquiat is also becoming known for his one starring role in ‘Downtown 81’ which is similar in tone to ‘Playground Girls’ with Basquiat’s character finding himself on the streets of NY in a life of art, drugs and underground musicians.

This filmmaker, Brent Roske, successfully captures Los Angeles at night in a seductively surreal, existentialistic way, like reading a Henry Miller novel.  With riveting images, ‘Playground Girls’ takes you on the journey of a lonely, desperate girl looking for her lover only to find herself swept away by an underground Los Angeles nightlife of prostitution and disjointed events.

‘Playground Girls’’ ethereal beauties, Beth (Kate Clarke) and Dara (Jan Dykstra) are like modern women in a classic oil painting making us feel like we’re watching private moments of their life; as if we’re sharing a drink with them in a dimly lit bar.  Refreshingly this film is sexy without nudity albeit one beautiful ass shot which puts ‘NYPD Blue’ to shame.

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