Worked on a fun Kia episode… commercial… industrial?  What exactly do they call these things?  Anyway, had a fun time on set – good people.  It’s called Kia Moochie – I’m in episode 3.

Tim Allen

I play Tim Allen’s mom… ok, wait – that doesn’t sound good.  How old am I?  Don’t answer that.  Yes, I play his mom, but in a flashback of when he was a kid.  There, doesn’t that sound better?  Watch for me in ‘Crazy On The Outside’ – Tim Allen’s directorial debut.

Minneapolis + St. Paul Magazine

I mentioned the LA Magazine article last month… well, my hometown magazine, called (what else) Minneapolis + St. Paul, picked up the story too.  The writer says some nice things – just like a good Minnesotan should.  Yahyoubetchya!

Chevy Chase

What do Chevy Chase, Whoopie Goldberg, Molly Shannon and yours truly have in common?  We all were chosen to be little web icon’s for T-Mobile’s latest campaign.

Really fun idea – here’s a still photo from the shoot.

Los Angeles Magazine

So there’s this little write-up on me in the LA Magazine : November issue.  Cracks me up that anyone cares about any of this!  They got a few of the facts wrong, but whatever.

Seattle shoot

The Toyota commercial I shot not only filmed in Los Angeles, but also in Seattle.  Glad I got to go – I’d never been.  Of course it was raining my first night there – as it should be!  Beautiful the next 2 days – thankfully so we could get the shots done.  I didn’t even have time to take any good photos.  Some day I’ll have to go back and spend time there so I can give Seattle a proper visit.


Filmed a bit for Father vs Son last month – good to work with friends!

Will Smith

Great week of filming on Hancock working with Will Smith and Charlize Theron and Peter Berg directing.  Peter really made it a fun set and created a role for himself as a Doctor last minute so he could play too.

Eco Beach Party

Eco and Beach?  I’m there.  A lovely afternoon with gifting suite, beach party and drinks.  And my lovely co-star, Colleen Shannon, from Miss Cast Away was there doing her awesome DJ thing!

Keanu Reeves

Be sure to catch Street Kings starring Keanu while it’s in theatres – GREAT movie with yours truly playing John Corbett’s girlfriend.  Great scene with Jay Mohr, John Corbett, Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker was cut!  Wish I had a pic at least of all sitting at the table.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes – on the cutting room floor.  At least I have this one pic of me and John.

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